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About Us: History



MYADP works to ensure the stability and progress of the Malaysian MUN Scene, by unifying all MUN related clubs to work together and assist each other. We work to ensure that everyone within this scene is able to freely and safely discuss issues of various perspectives and to ensure the educational value of this extracurricular maintains at its highest quality.

"Advancing Diplomacy in youth"

About Us: History


Previously known as the Malaysian MUN Development Task Force, the Malaysian Youth Association for Diplomacy and Policy (MYADP) has long been founded with the singular purpose of sustaining the Malaysian MUN scene.


This year, we have taken a much more proactive approach compared to our predecessors to unify the MUN scene into one centralised moderating body, we pride ourselves as a mediator to all the other Malaysian MUN clubs around the country, and we will continue to take steps to improve the accessibility and quality of this extracurricular activity that we are so passionate about.

- The Malaysian Youth Association for Diplomacy and Policy

About Us: About
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Model United Nations (MUN) is an extracurricular activity with the simple premise of simulating the actions and purpose of the United Nations. Students participating in MUN Conferences typically will be assigned countries for them to represent and to tackle specific global or local issues via diplomacy.


The learning outcomes of this extracurricular activity is to help students understand perspectives in important political issues and to train students in drafting their own realistic policies in an environment that is safe and fair for all.


Although the fundamental premise is to simulate the United Nations, it is to note that conferences may also choose to simulate various governments as well, for example even our own simulation of the Dewan Rakyat is a very popular simulation in the scene at the moment.

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