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MYADP 2023 Team Recruitment Open Now!


The Malaysian Youth Association for Diplomacy and Policy has momentous news to share: we are officially ROS-registered!

We look forward to better serving Malaysian youths in a new way, and to a deepening of our relationship with the Malaysian MUN community.

However, with great power comes great responsibility. Hence, we are looking for YOU to join us in our August 2023 to August 2024 intake! We are looking to fill various positions within MYADP, each of which with their own portfolio. Click here to learn more about these roles.

Don’t wait! Sign up through the form linked below, before our recruitment ends on August 20, 2023! We can't wait to welcome you to the MYADP team!

Registration Closes 20th August 2023




Read through our department descriptions and testimonials


Apply by filling out the form linked here by the 20th of August 2023


Look out for an email from us acknowledging your application


And finally, schedule and attend your interview with us!






"Being a part of the MYADP has been an invaluable experience for me - by empowering and shaping the future of Model United Nations in Malaysia, MYADP has provided me an outlet to give back to the community at large for future generations to come."

Ernest Wong, MYADP MUN Affairs Officer

MUN Affairs Testimonial

"The Malaysian MUN Development Task Force has given me the opportunity to expand the horizons of the Malaysian MUN scene and explore uncharted territory in the fields of public policy and international relations; by working through challenges and obstacles in our constant mission, we have developed not just the MUN community, but ourselves."

Juan Sebastian Beltran, MYADP MUN Affairs Officer

Juan Sebastian.JPG
WhatsApp Image 2021-01-07 at

Having worked in three consecutive terms since the inception of the Task Force, I have seen and worked with many inspired colleagues. All of them are ready to work on the spot and around the clock when tackling the issues that underpin and surround the Malaysian MUN scene, and all of these same people creatively use imagination and collaboration as means of moving forward.


Having a body with such dedication, purpose and experience is what prides and humbles me in being able to be part of this task force. I could not urge any further for individuals to consider and work with this body not just to materialise short-term and long-term solutions, but to ascertain the core of MUN and its practices, and to realise this on an individual and a collective basis."

Hakim Faizal, MYADP Senior Advisor

Advisor Testimonial

Nowhere else will you find a group of individuals so committed and dedicated to serving a community which has cultivated us all. It was certainly my privilege to be able to oversee their responsibilities as well as work alongside them, and it is my sincere belief that they've made significant leaps in bettering and unifying the MUN scene during a short amount of time. I look forward to seeing what's in store in the future.

Kieran Li Nair, UNAM Youth Head of MUN Development (MYADP Publicity Officer)

Publicity Officer Testimonial

"As someone who was relatively new to MUN, I was welcomed to MYADP with the utmost patience and kindness by an experienced and like-minded team; to offer a beginners perspective and the opportunity to take my conference experiences from the UK and reflect them in the Malaysian MUN scene. If you want to make an impact, increase your global awareness and empower the community, MYADP will inspire growth on a personal and collective level."

Carmen Tan, MYADP Publicity Officer

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