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Have a knack for design, IT, social media management and event planning? Think you have good crisis management and communication skills? Apply for a position as a Publicity Officer today! 

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External Affairs/Publicity Officers will be responsible for maintaining the brand image of MYADP and ensuring efficient communication. Officers in this department will be expected to have the skillset under one or more of the following categories: 


IT and Design 

  • Maintain the upkeep and development of MYADP social platforms (Mainly email, website, Facebook, and Instagram) 

  • Design promotional materials

  • Possess copywriting and video editing skills


Logistics and Finance

  • Plan any physical or online events

  • Manage IT aspects of online events

  • Draft budgets 

  • Seek out sponsorships

  • Coordinate partnerships for tentative events

Nowhere else will you find a group of individuals so committed and dedicated to serving a community which has cultivated us all. It was certainly my privilege to be able to oversee their responsibilities as well as work alongside them, and it is my sincere belief that they've made significant leaps in bettering and unifying the MUN scene during a short amount of time. I look forward to seeing what's in store in the future.

Kieran Li Nair, UNAM Youth Head of MUN Development (MYADP Publicity Officer)


1) Read through our descriptions and pick out a position that you think suits your skillset best

2) Apply by filling out the form above 

3) Look out for an email from us acknowledging your application 

4) Schedule and attend your interview with us  

5) Look out for an email stating your acceptance or rejection 

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us through any of our platforms. Still unsure? Feel free to read through our testimonials and contact any of our team members about our available positions and their experiences with MYADP.


We look forward to seeing your applications!

Disclaimer: Please note that applicants will be interviewed during recorded interviews

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