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Passionate about Model United Nations and diplomatic efforts? Want to give back to the Malaysian MUN scene? Apply for a position as a MUN Affairs Officer today to contribute more! 


MUN Affairs Officers will focus on developing materials for the Malaysian Model UN scene as well as advising conferences across the nation. Officers in this department are expected to perform tasks under one or more of the following categories:

Curriculum and Events

  • Promote MUN in educational institutions around Malaysia

  • Conduct MUN training/workshops

  • Conduct post mortem interviews to collect data for future partnerships

  • Develop the MYADP MUN Curriculum and supporting material


Advisory and Outreach

  • Provide assistance in an advisory capacity to interested Malaysian MUN-related organisations

  • Act as the spokesperson for MYADP to liaise with MUN conference organisers

  • Conduct outreach with institutional chapters of the Malaysian MUN Congress

  • Gather information & store databases of MUN clubs/ schools/universities

  • Update internal databases with up-to-date information where possible

Malaysian MUN Library

  • Set up, maintain and continue the development of the Malaysian MUN Library.

  • Act as a curator to collect and manage the MUN resources available in the library.

  • Explore the possibilities of video/animated resources to be included within the MUN Library

*Applicants to this department preferably have previously participated in Model UN events or conferences

"Being a part of the MYADP has been an invaluable experience for me - by empowering and shaping the future of Model United Nations in Malaysia, MYADP has provided me an outlet to give back to the community at large for future generations to come."

Ernest Wong, MYADP MUN Affairs Officer



1) Read through our descriptions and pick out a position that you think suits your skillset best

2) Apply by filling out the form above 

3) Look out for an email from us acknowledging your application 

4) Schedule and attend your interview with us  

5) Look out for an email stating your acceptance or rejection 

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us through any of our platforms. Still unsure? Feel free to read through our testimonials and contact any of our team members about our available positions and their experiences with MYADP.


We look forward to seeing your applications!

Disclaimer: Please note that applicants will be recorded during their interviews

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