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Think you know your stuff? Looking for an opportunity to test out your advisory skills? Look no further, apply for an Advisor position at MYADP today!



Members of the Advisory Board are expected to act in an internal advisory capacity for MYADP.  Advisors should:


  • Lend their expertise to MYADP

  • Advise departments in MYADP on the smooth running of their tasks

  • Contribute to cross-departmental efforts where possible

Having worked in three consecutive terms since the inception of the Task Force, I have seen and worked with many inspired colleagues. All of them are ready to work on the spot and around the clock when tackling the issues that underpin and surround the Malaysian MUN scene, and all of these same people creatively use imagination and collaboration as means of moving forward.


Having a body with such dedication, purpose and experience is what prides and humbles me in being able to be part of this task force. I could not urge any further for individuals to consider and work with this body not just to materialise short-term and long-term solutions, but to ascertain the core of MUN and its practices, and to realise this on an individual and a collective basis."

Hakim Faizal, MYADP Senior Advisor

WhatsApp Image 2021-01-07 at


1) Read through our descriptions and pick out a position that you think suits your skillset best

2) Apply by filling out the form above 

3) Look out for an email from us acknowledging your application 

4) Schedule and attend your interview with us  

5) Look out for an email stating your acceptance or rejection 

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us through any of our platforms. Still unsure? Feel free to read through our testimonials and contact any of our team members about our available positions and their experiences with MYADP.


We look forward to seeing your applications!

Disclaimer: Please note that applicants will be recorded during their interviews

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