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THE EU-ASEAN YOUTH DIPLOMATS PROGRAMME: Political Crisis in Myanmar: An EU-ASEAN Youth Simulation

The EU-ASEAN Youth Diplomats Programme (EAYDP) 2023 was a successful event that brought together 45 young people from Malaysia and across the EU and ASEAN to simulate a multilateral dialogue on issues that affect us today. The programme was a great opportunity for participants to learn about EU-ASEAN relations, develop their leadership and negotiation skills, and network with experts in the field of foreign policy.

The programme kicked off with three online training sessions in January 2023, where participants were trained on policy drafting, public speaking, and research skills on foreign policy. In February, the participants met in Kuala Lumpur for the three-day EU-ASEAN Youth Summit. At the summit, participants were divided into 27 EU and 10 ASEAN teams, and each team represented a Member State. The teams then engaged in a mock meeting to discuss present and future issues of shared concern for the regional blocs.

The summit was a great opportunity for participants to learn about the different perspectives of EU and ASEAN Member States on a range of issues, and to develop their negotiation skills. The participants also had the opportunity to meet and interact with experts in the field of EU-ASEAN relations, and to network with other young people who are passionate about foreign policy.

The EAYDP 2023 was a valuable experience for all participants, and it is sure to have a lasting impact on their future careers. The programme is a great example of how MYADP is working to empower young people to become change-makers in their local communities and beyond.

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