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MYADP Crisis Workshop

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

MYADP is excited to announce that it is conducting its first Model United Nations workshop on crisis councils, on the 26th & 27th February 2022!

Featuring guest speakers renowned in Malaysia's MUN crisis council scene, exciting events, and a mock crisis council, the workshop is a great opportunity to learn more about everything you need to know as a crisis director or delegate and socialise with other MUNers after two years in the digital space!

  • Learn about Crisis Councils

  • Hear from experienced guest speakers

  • Mastering directives

  • Participate in a mock Crisis Council

  • How to direct a Crisis Council

Sign up today using the link included for an unforgettable two-day experience to kickstart the year!



For Both Days

RM 45

For One Day Only

Day 1 (Beginners Course—Delegates):

RM 40

Day 2 (Advanced Course—Crisis Directors):

RM 30


Day 01 (26/02/22)

09:00 Arrival of Delegates

09:30 Opening Ceremony begins

09:45 1st Session: Intro to Crisis Councils

10:30 Q&A and break

11:00 2nd Session: Directive Writing

11:20 Q&A and break

11:30 3rd Session: Directive Analysis

12:00 Lunch Break

13:30 Mock crisis council session 1

15:00 Tea Break

15:30 Mock crisis council session 2

17:00 Final crisis update and Q&A

18:00 Networking and dismissal

Day 02 (27/02/22)

12:00 Arrival of Delegates

12:15 4th Session: Formation of the Crisis Council

12:45 5th Session: Crisis documents

13:00 Q&A and break

13:15 6th Session: Integrating tech into crisis workflow

13:45 7th Session: Impacts of directives

14:30 8th Session: Crisis directive processing

15:30 Q&A and break

15:45 9th Session: Forming crisis updates

16:30 10th Session: Best practices in crisis councils

17:00 Dismissal

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